Jetpatcher innovation – Flat bed truck demountable unit

Further innovation has come up with a new design Jetpatcher demountable unit which can be fitted to a flat bed truck.  The advantage of this design is that the truck can be used for other purposes when the unit is demounted.  Available for the 1000 2.5 cuM and 1000 3 cuM size units.  Please contact us for further information –

Jetpatcher working hard in Mexico

We came across a large public billboard in Mexico placed by the Government showing the good work Jetpatcher Mexico is doing.  This is a 8 cuM unit.

Jetpatcher is now in Canada

The first Jetpatcher unit is now up and running in the Saskatoon province of Canada. It has been purchased by the local company Bison Construction Services Ltd.  Having had previous experience operating Jetpatcher machinery Mr Tinus Joubert is well qualified to work with local authorities to improve and maintain local roads in this area and to work with interested potential purchasers of the machinery and technology in Canada.  We wish Tinus and his company all the best in Canada.

Jetpatcher 8 cuM unit 

Jetpatcher’s biggest capacity unit is a 2500-8 cuM size with a 2000L emulsion tank – ideal for large contracts.  This particular unit which was ex factory in April, also has a 2.4m full width spreader box for surface dressing.  Able to be shipped in a 20 ft shipping container for delivery worldwide.

Jetpatcher South Africa Videos

To see recent videos of Jetpatcher machinery working in South Africa check out the You Tube site and search “Jetpatcher South Africa”.

Jetpatcher™ Advancements

There are several new features now included in all our machines as standard including:

  • – lower noise emmissions
  • – new operator friendly enhancements to make it even simpler to use the machines
  • – much easier to clean nozzle
  • – longer life delivery hoses
  • – conveyor belt engineering changed to give better belt life
  • – nozzle adaptor available to reduce overspray in restricted areas

New Specialised Jetpatcher™ Units now available

Specialised Spreader box unit – this unit  is an option that can be fitted to a 2500 series unit and utilises a full width spreader box.  Ideal for clients who have a considerable amount of surface dressing on an ongoing basis.

Demountable units –  this unit is designed to be demountable and can be interchanged with a very popular demountable grit spreader unit.  This utilises both of these units with the one truck cab/chassis. Ideal for countries with colder winter climates.